beccome a distribtor

You’re interested in becoming a distributor & for good reason. This business has changed thousands of lives! Bellow I’ve listed 3 more reasons you should join us.

  1. It Works is the ONLY company that sells wraps for your body. No stores or other companies have the rights to our patented formula.
  2. The founders of It Works could have easily paid big Advertisement companies to promote what they had to offer. Instead they chose to help others by allowing random people do the advertisement for them (me &you) & pay them just the same.
  3. This company is nowhere near as full as others. There’s SO much room for growth!! Other Companies have millions of distributors. Imagine where the first 500,00 are at in their life! It Works has around 100,000 paid distributors. Most people haven’t even heard of us.

To join you have to invest $99 in a new business builder kit. This kit will be one of the most important things to help you start your business right & a box of wraps! You can sell each wrap for $25 to make your money back or use them yourself. Either way you benefit.

You will have the option (highly recommended) to complete a training through your personal website. This training will help you start building your own team & helping others with their health journeys. You will also be added to The Dream Team Facebook page where you will have everything to grow your business using social media. Not to mention I will be there to help the whole time.

The website you get is given to you the first month FREE. After that you will have a $20 monthly fee. Trust me, $20 is nothing compared to what this business is going to do for you.

It Works is not only compensation. There’s multiple bonuses that you can get even in your first month!

To Become a Distributor click HERE