What’s up? Welcome to my site, I’m Kiersten. You’re interested in It Works & for good reason. This company has completely changed my life for the better!

I am sharing with you a paragraph from my Grandmother Remembers book a Written Heirloom from my grandmother before she passed.

page break 1“My wish for the future is that you and your child if you decide to have children, will live in a cleaner, safer world than we have today. The people in this world have to reorganize their priorities and nothing will change for the better until this is done. Each person as an individual must realize that when they put the spirit, mind, & body in the proper order; all else will fallow. A person must realize that all things come from God & should be respected as such. Respect for life begins with the smallest forms of life and continues right up to our fellow human beings”

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Ever since I read that when I was young I have wanted to live by it. When I found It Works I knew the company was ran with this lifestyle in mind & would be a perfect way for me to help others.


I began my journey to find a business that suited me when I was just out of High School. See, I was going to go to college for Horticulture . I love everything about growing, but in the end decided I wanted to teach myself that subject while building an online business. I started with mini businesses on eBay & Etsy but I was missing something.

It was around 8 months into my online business making when I started seeing posts about It Works from my up line. At first I just thought it was another company offering a quick fix to losing weight, which I’m not a fan of. Then, as she posted more I realized it was for jumpstarting & supplementing a healthy lifestyle. I learned their products are non-gmo & made with natural ingredients.

A few months later, I was going through Instagram & saw a post that was from a different lady. It said “only $99 to join. What do you have to lose?” Every other day I looked at that price & thought they were crazy. That day, something inside changed.

I thought very quickly “what’s the worst that can happen?” Since I had already been watching someone post about the business I went to her & got signed up right away.

I joined because I could tell It Works was about helping others. Not only are the products amazing but the company is too. It’s based on fun, friendship, freedom & helping people live a clean healthy life while creating a way for families to become financially free.

That is very important to me because I myself try my hardest to live a clean healthy life. Is it easy? Well, it can be, but you cant beat yourself up over having dessert… a few times a week. What I have found though, is that being a part of It Works drives me to workout & eat healthy because I know people are counting on me to do the right thing. Helping others is a great way to help yourself!

It Works will allow me to get my dream home, where I will have the garden I’ve always wanted..& when I say garden I mean mini farm. The opportunities are endless with this company & my goal is to help as many people as possible see this. Anyone & everyone can be successful with this business. You don’t have to be special you just have to want it.  Let me guide you, & help you reach goals. That’s what I’m here for 🙂


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